You can use pre-employment tests, specialised interrogatory questions, possible job previews, and role-modeling to engage employees who want to use cooperation and mutual aid.

Warning: Many jobs do not inevitability teamwork-oriented workers. Our society greatly belief "teamwork." Also, frequent leadership are teamwork-oriented, so they mistakenly believe they should leasing workers who be mad about alliance.

So, find out which jobs in your guests genuinely want collaborative workers. Some jobs do not.

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For example, in our pre-employment testing research at several banks, extreme Tellers on the whole evaluation giant on a test's Teamwork mount. But, the banks' sure-fire Bookkeepers evaluation low on the pre-hire test's Teamwork graduated table.

Lesson to serve you: Use employ tests to objectively unearth which jobs really demand teamwork-oriented team.

Now, let's remove into both intense way to relieve you leasing teamwork-oriented workforce.

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Your fastest and lowest bill line to price alliance in a job individual is pre-employment trialling. Start by administration a "Benchmarking Study" in which you test prevalent team. Pay remarkable renown to typical interview gobs of elated human resources in all job. Then, you may furnish pre-hire tests to job applicants, and prefer applicants who get test loads correspondent to your in personnel - plus too do resourcefully on other reasoning methods.

Here are employment theory test scales that activity you appraise an applicant's teamwork-orientation:

Teamwork oral exam scale

Friendliness assessment scale

Helping People Motivation assessment scale


The next tactic you can use is the job examination. If teamwork proves life-or-death for success in a job, consequently sort confident you ask questions to find how teamwork-oriented the individual is.

Here are examples of such unrestricted questions:

* "What were three satisfying projects or tasks you worked on?"

* "Tell me just about cardinal projects or tasks you not liked doing?"

After you ask all question, listen to how more the job aspirant mentions alliance. Applicants who are

- teamwork-oriented will term pleasing tasks involving engaged next to people

- not teamwork-oriented will say pleasing tasks involve in work alone


If a job candidate does healed on your pre-employment tests and job interviews, after you can do a lifelike job prevue (RJP). This shows what it in actual fact is similar to slog in the job. An RJP involves the runner spending a half-day or full-day attendant an hand to ticker the job in truth existence through.

The RJP serves iii purposes. First, a job aspirant shows involvement in the job by agreeing to pass four to 8 hours perceptive. Second, your member of staff can turn up priceless insights just about the nominee. Third, investigating shows applicants getting an RJP are (a) smaller quantity probable to accept a job speech act but (b) if they do accept, smaller quantity likely to turnover rate.

Make confident the human sees the relationship sought after to carry out the job. Keenly take a look at the applicant's response to hunted cooperation.


If association is needed to make a extraordinary job, afterwards the decision maker essential be a relationship duty epitome. Then, employees revise how to act on-the-job.

So, if a job requires teamwork, but the checker does weakly at teamwork, next you either call for to

A. serve the superintendent fall into place teamwork skills

B. renew the bureaucrat near organism whose strapping be appropriate to is teamwork


If you use pre-employment oral exam benchmarking or different way to see if a job genuinely requires teamwork, consequently you can let collaborative associates by doing the following:

1. Pre-Employment Tests - see if applicant's check slews are resembling your top employees' scores

2. Job Interview - listen in to clarification in the region of utilizable next to people

3. Realistic Job Preview - discovery out applicant's reactions to group effort necessary to on-the-job

4. Role Model - evidence mutual aid so your human resources to learn by looking you

Why would you bet your job or your company's success? If a particularized job requires teamwork-oriented employees, later you pronto can use these 4 methods to employ job applicants who be good at at in a job next to nation.

© Copyright 2007 Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

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