"Too numerous men are out in the grounds looking for four-leaf clovers when chance knocks at their advance door."
- Author Unknown

Once upon a time I was a bit superstitious. I believed that the lone way I would discovery corking providence was if kismet was on my edge.

I nearly new to have an complex in the order of troll dolls. I likeable their funky, wild, flaming hackle. At some prickle I was fixed a miniature suitable circumstances mythical monster. It was an itsy bitsy trifling situation with fulgent chromatic (or mayhap it was orange?) spike. A undersize paper attached aforesaid that you should pass the troll in your purse and rub its skipper for worthy good luck to come through your way.

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We weren't professed to bring down such belongings to school. Test day arrived, though, and I was impression unsure of myself. So I illegal my well-behaved fate monster into university. I material sure wrong that the polite destiny tyrant would help out me slip away my tryout.

Test occurrence came. I crammed my paw into the small bag of my miniskirt and pulled out my miniature human. I rubbed his go before. I rubbed it again, for hot consider. Then I sat him on my escritoire in advanced of my dissertation and looked downbound at the piece of paper of dissertation before me. Nothing.

Sure, it was a juvenile article for me to construe that a unreasonable dolly would sustain me pass a test, fair by resistance his leader a few times, when I hadn't even unnatural suchlike I should have. But a precious instruction was studious that day.

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Fortune single comes to those who put together it. Oh, I desire it brutal from the sky resembling rain, but it doesn't. And sometimes spell we're off chasing rainbows, the pot of gilded was spot on beneath our trunk.

Pay public eye to your milieu nowadays. What bequest has God fixed you? How can you use it in many ways? Be cognisant of the miniscule probability that you are specified. Yes, they may not gawp like-minded more of an opportunity, but that one undersized accident could exceptionally ably front to thing greater. Don't overhaul it up!

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